NPJ Single Fin

I have spent a lot of time on mid-length single-fin performance boards and have worked on several fin designs to optimize how they work.  In the end, I refined the sizes down to just two: 7.5” and 8.0”.  For 6’6” -  7’6” with pulled-in tails, go with the 7.5” fin.  For larger, wider boards in the 6’8” – 8.0” range, then go with the 8.0” fin. They are upright with a lot of base and lend themselves to no-frills power surfing.


Apex Twin

The Apex is a newer twin fin I’ve refined to get away from the skatey/fishy feel some twins have, but with the same get up and go.  This template is upright at 6.0” and a large 5.4” base, which really helps with stability and predictability through turns.  Influenced by Australia’s legendary twin fin pioneers, with refinements for modern board outlines, rails, and bottom contours.  Power, speed, and control through turns.


Quartet Quads

Start off with the Apex Twin set and add a pair of beefy trailers (3.5”H x 3.7” base) and you have this quad set built for power surfing quad mid-lengths and hipro longboards.  You can take this quad set into serious surf and get max-hold and drive and incredible speed down the line and through turns.


Twin Plus One

Add these beefy (3.5”H x 3.7” base) trailers to your twin setup for extra drive and stability.  If you already have a set of Apex Twins, add these trailers, and you’ll have my Quartet Quad set up as an option.



The Duo blends variables of single fins and twin fins and produces a smooth, deep drive unlike anything else I have ridden.  I have been refining these fins since 2015, with the concept of creating greater hold and release than a single fin with the speed of a twin.  If you’re building a board, the twin center boxes are set 7.0” apart and 7.25” up from the tail with 4 degrees of cant and no toe.  You can also use a single DUO with small side bites for a very drivey 2+1 set.


NPJ Duozer

I’ve been working on these side bites with the Duo setup for a while now, with an interest in added hold, and drive out of the second half of the turn,  working perfectly with the Duo fin set up and adding more bite and release.  If you’re building a board for a Duo fin set up, add the single plugs for the Duozer side bites and you can ride your board with or without the sidies.


NPJ Keel Twin Fins

This is a keel fin set with my performance upgrades.  5.5” height with foiling for speed and outline for solid turns, particularly on the backside.  Works great with wider twinnies for down the line performance, enhanced hold in more critical surf, and improved turning manners.


NPJ 2+1 Center

This performance center fin is based on a deeper thruster back fin moved forward with side fins smaller than a full thruster set up, and is perfectly matched to my 4.25” side fins. This combination is a smooth, stable, good all-around design that can hold some serious rail in solid conditions. This set up works very well with a combination of tail width, rocker, rail shape, and bottom contours. They are ideal for mid-lengths as well as hipro longboards.


NPJ 2+1 Sides

These side fins have the base and overall outline to provide solid drive and hold in proper waves.  They are designed to be matched with performance center fins in the 6.0” to 7.5” and go perfectly with my 6.75” 2+1 Center Fin.  80/20 foil for speed and smooth transitions in hard turns.