Sea Monnster Pivot

Josh’s go-to fin. The wide surface area creates hold and stability from the nose, while the slender but stiff foil allows for quick adjustments from the tail and control through turns. Designed to hang ten through critical sections and whitewater without sliding out, this fin offers ultimate tip control–ideal for anyone trying to steer from the nose and hang ten as long as possible.

Josh rides the 10″  Sea Monnster in his 9’4″ Sprout. He recommends the 11″ for boards 9’10” and bigger.

Josh: “This fin is perfect for surfers who want maximum maneuverability from the nose without worrying about their tail sliding out.”


Phase 3

Designed as an alternative to the rake fins commonly used in performance-focused noseriders, the Phase 3 is for surfers who are planning to turn but still want maximum hold and maneuverability while hanging ten. The Phase 3 features the same trailing edge as the original Sea Monnster Pivot to maintain the same maneuverability profile from the nose, but has a slimmed-down base for increased pivot and whip off the tail.

Josh rides the Phase 3 in his 2.0 Model and any turn-focused longboard that he still wants to be able to hang ten as long as possible. He also rides it in his normal noseriders when he wants a slightly looser ride.

“If you’re looking for a fin that’s loose but can still get you the longest hang ten of your life, this one’s for you. The purpose of this fin is to increase turnability without sacrificing hold on the nose, so we chose to scale the smaller size from 10” up to 10.25” to make up for the slimmer profile.” - Josh