This fin will give you a whole new feeling and your board a whole new life.The solid base anchors a sweeping leading edge that flows back into a full tip.The extended rake gives this fin a lot of directional stability when on the nose or in trim, while the full tip has just enough flex to drive you out of turns with an extra dose of projection.It has a semi-speed foil to hold speed down the line and through turns.A game-changer for sure for square and round pintails.



This fin is built for powerful sweeping turns and solid noseriding.Big base, semi-speed foil, moderate rake, and tapered tip give this fin very predictable manners in all conditions.It works super good in almost any log whether square tail, rounded pin, or involvement.My go-to fin for any longboard wave – it is a workhorse.



Back to basics. Mounted in your noserider, this fin does its job the old fashion way. Straightforward and predictable with smooth contours and foiled to hold you solidly in the pocket for extended nose rides.  The outline is not exaggerated, so it also cruises well and turns when you need it to reposition in the pocket or get around sections.Put it in the back of the box and let it work.