Bing x Flying Diamonds

BING Surfboards and Flying Diamonds of California have collaborated on this collection designed for a wide range of traditional longboards.  From Noseriders to Gliders to All-around Logs, to Mid- Lengths and Eggs, this collection has something for every surfer that loves surfing on traditionally-styled boards like BING Surfboards has been shaping for decades and decades.

This is the first collaboration by BING in bringing a range of fins to market and owner Matt Calvani was adamant that the fins that he puts his logo on had to be on-par with the quality level that he demands in everything he and his crew produce.  A long time coming in design, development, and testing by BING team riders, every fin in the BING X Flying Diamonds collection has been refined to meet Matt’s quality and performance standards.

Matt chose to build all of these fins using Volan lamination for the special flex and feel of Volan and the distinctive and classic look unique to a beautifully-foiled Volan fin.

Of course, these fins work very well when matched with appropriate BING surfboards, and also with high quality surfboards made by other skilled shapers.

Bing Featured Collection

Bing Drive

This fin is a solid all-around fin with moderate sized profile/surface area, moderate foil, and rake to provide drive and stability.  The DRIVE has more beef in the tip and more rake than a flex style fin, so count on extra drive off the bottom, speed down the line, and power and projection in turns.  The beefy tip and Volan lamination combine to provide lots of squirt when power is applied.

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9" | 9.5" | 9.75"

Bing Flex

This flex fin draws inspiration from classic flex fins and delivers the most versatile range of performance across our range.  Small size works great in mid-length singles and larger sizes for traditional logs of any tail shape.  The base is substantial, providing plenty of drive off the bottom and the tapered tip provides just the right amount of flex to add projection out of turns.  Its moderate foil keeps it fast down the line while providing enough hold when on the nose. 

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8.5" | 9.75" | 10.25"

Bing Mid-Single

The perfect choice for your single fin mid-length.  Beefy enough to provide plenty of drive with sizes geared to work on everything between 6’6” to 8’0”.  Designed with performance in mind, the solid base, ample rake, rounded tip, and moderate foil blend to produce speed, drive, and projection right out of the gate.

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6.75" | 7.5" | 8.5"

Bing Pivot

This is a classic full pivot fin designed to provide a lot of stability and pocket hold for extended noserides.  The apex of the foil is set back from the leading edge a bit farther than some older style pivot fins, providing additional turnability without compromising on directional control from the nose.  Works ideally on square tailed logs in point breaks or any open face wave that runs long enough to offer extended nose time.

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9.5" | 10.2" | 10.75"

Bing Trim Pivot

As its name suggests, this fin is more slender than traditional full pivot fins.  Its more upright rake and consistent width all the way to the tip provide more overall area and hold than a flex style fin and is looser and faster than a full pivot design due to its surface area and moderate foil.  It is a wonderful fin that is balanced between stability and looseness and works well in square tail boards as well as rounded pin tails.  Consider it an all-around fin with a bias towards noseriding – best of all worlds.

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10.25" | 10.5" | 10.75"

Bing Speed

Hold your hat!  If speed is what you need, this is your fin.  The scimitar outline, speed foil, and stiff flex of this fin make it amazingly fast down the line whether on a mid-length or any log with speed in its DNA.  We make this fin as stiff as its design and Volan lamination allow…its racy profile and slender build will allow ample flex without getting wiggly or caveating.  Ideal for open faced waves that peel and allow building to terminal velocity.

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9.25" | 9.75" | 10.25"

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