MS 9.75

This template is the perfect balance for any log. It has a pretty straight up and down outline so it will pivot, but enough rake to be aggressive and wrap a turn. Never really have been a fan of flex fins, so this fin is nice and stiff so you can be heavy on your feet without any slipping or sliding. It also has a nice wide base for more controlled noserides, with a sensitive feel off the tail.


MS 6.75"

Growing up surfing beach breaks on high-performance longboards, I was always going back and forth between two fin templates depending on conditions. One with a lot of rake for faster more hollow style waves and the other is more straight up and pivotal for softer smaller waves. This fin is my interpretation of the two combined to maximize your performance in all conditions. It’s still pretty straight so you have the pivot, but enough rake to draw out and elongate turns while maintaining speed.

Perfect for any 2+1 set up in longboards, eggs, bonzers, and any other surf-craft.


MS 4" Sides

When it came to designing sides for my 2+1 setup, I wanted something that you could push off of because I have heavy feet, so with that in mind, I widened the base and kept a full outline that will hold in for those critical moments. We also added an inside foil to increase down the line speed, reducing the chatter and drag, ultimately feeling more control and less resistance throughout your turns.